Experience transformation

through our advanced technology specialty treatments.

Experience transformation

through our advanced technology specialty treatments.

specialty services

Plasma Clear


The newest technology clinically proven for the treatment of acne. Plasma technology reduces severe active acne, inflammation, and oil production.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter closest to gas. Through a process of ionization, using electricity in the atmosphere, the plasma radicals release unstable ions into the skin that attached to p. bacteria and germs thus changing the molecular structure and breaking them down. This treatment further stimulates skin regeneration and has No side effects and No downtime. (30 min)

Series of 6 – $640 (save over 10%)

Add-on facial +$70

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion


Refine and peel away the layers to reveal smooth healthy skin. This non-invasive anti-aging technology uses a medical grade diamond-embedded tip of micronized to abrade or slough off the top skin layer, removing dirt, dry, dead and damaged skin cells.

help minimize fine lines, improve texture, tone and uneven skin due to acne, acne scarring, sun damage or pre-mature aging. Microdermabrasion increases oxygen through the stimulation of blood flow which is essential in the production of collagen. to assists in the absorbtion of skin care products as well as increase cellular turnover. Crystals This resurfacing treatment is excellent as a standalone treatment or and “Add-on”Includes a customized Hydro Jelly soothing mask. Not recommended for active acne.

This technology stimulates blood flow through circulation which then increases oxygen, cell renewal and the production of collagen. Often recommended for mild acne scarring, uneven pigmentation, poor skin texture, fine lines and dull skin.

Provides a smoother texture and promotion of new cells.

The treatment helps to effectively exfoliate, rejuvenate and reveal healthy, glowing, beautiful skin. (60 min)

  • Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin
  • Reduction of age spots, unwanted pigmentation
  • Evens complexion
  • Minimization of blotchy skin coloring
  • Reduction of acne and superficial scars
  • Extraction of blackheads/whiteheads and debris
  • Improvement of overall skin health

* 6 treatments are recommended for optimal result

Add-On LED Light Therapy. $25

Add-On - Glycolic/AHA Peel. $50

Nano Infusion


This sophisticated facial will target skin concerns such as resurfacing, enlarged pores, aging skin, wrinkles, acne scarring, discoloration, scarring and maximum hydration. Nano technology is one of the hottest and most innovative skin care modalities on the market today!

Utilizing this breakthrough science of “Nano-Infusion Technology,” this procedure makes non-invasive micro-channels into the outermost layer of the skin without damage allowing rapid absorption (90%) of products for deep transdermal delivery. A device infuses and nourishes the skin with hyaluronic acid, renewing stem cells, growth factors and specifically selected treatment ampules. These products containing a high concentration of active ingredients address skin concerns while encouraging the natural production of collagen and elastin.

This process *Includes a mild enzymatic exfoliation and a customized Hydro peptide Jelly mask, hyaluronic and peptide serum.

Perfect for all skin types. No downtime.

Series of 3 – $380 

The Dermaplane Facial


This signature treatment will Restore the glow of your skin. Dermapaning is a safe, quick and non-invasive procedure using a special tool that is gently stroked against the skin to remove the top, outer layer of dead skin cells (aka epidermal cells) as well as fine peach fuzz (vellus hair) on the face to improve your skin health. A hydrating Galvanic mask infusion and a custom Hydrogelle mask is then applied to the skin to hydrate and restore moisture. Lastly, a final dose of oxygen hydration infusion is applied for the ultimate glow.

* Not suitable for Acne

Add-on: Glycolic/AHA peel/Enzymes  $50

  • Promote smoother skin
  • Remove soft facial hair that traps dirt and oil
  • Enhanced effectiveness of skincare treatments
  • Enhances penetration of products
  • Reduces recent acne scars
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Produces immediate results with no downtime.
  • Assists in the prevention of break outs(30 min)

Choose Your Dream Service

Choose Your Dream Service



This treatment will help to improve signs of aging, laxity, acne scarring, and pigmentation. It works by creating controlled micro-perforations in the skin while infusing concentrated hyaluronic acid. This triggers the body's own spontaneous healing process, stimulation cell proliferation, boosting collagen production and improving cellular communication. It's commonly used to soften and correct acne scarring, inhibit as well as reverse signs of aging. Each treatment is paired with a hydrating mask and the revolutionary O2 dome for total skin revitalization.

  • Reduce fine and deep wrinkles
  • Repair visible scars/acne/trauma
  • Reverse sun damage and pigmentation
  • Help aging by increasing cell turnover
  • Shrink pores
  • Clear acneic conditions
  • Even out skin texture and tone

Redness subsides typically within the first 24 hours and mild peeling within 24-48 hours. Collagen synthesis occurs up to 30 days post-treatment

Add-On: Neck & Décolletage $50
(60 min)

DMK Skin Revision™

The organs of any skin condition is a result of disharmony in the functions of the skin. Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK formulated treatments and products that re-educate the skin. By matching formulations with the body's chemistry, the skin is induced to respond in a positive manner.

Enzyme Therapy improves skin function by hydrolyzing dead skin cell material and impurities. Blood flow and oxygen to the skin are increased, flushing the lymphatic system to remove toxins, a process are known as reverse osmosis. It is a powerful treatment that lists and tightens for a firmer, youthful, glowing appearance. This treatment restores vital cellular, nutritional and oxygenation required for cellular regeneration.

They are suitable for a wide range of skin conditions, including, sun, damage, pigmentation, acne, congestion, aging, and more.

  • Acne and congestion
  • Pigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Premature aging, and sun damage
  • Lifting and firming
  • Rosacea
  • Improves the skins ability to function by dissolving dead skin cells, and impurities trapped within the skin
  • Increase oxygenation and cellular activity
  • Encourage new collagen and elastin formation
  • Detoxify the skin
  • Stimulates, collagen, restoring structural integrity back to the skin

All of these specialized skin treatments, deliver, optimal health, restore, balance, and enhance skin function best.

DMK Signature Facial


This DMK© Signature Enzyme Therapy utilizes reverse osmosis to flood the tissue with oxygen and vital nutrients. The results are immediately seen with the DMK Plasmatic Effect™, and bring about homeostasis to the tissue in aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation skin.

Restore Skin to its peak condition.

This treatment gives your skin, a "spring clean" by removing toxins, stagnant blood, lymph buildup, and dead skin cell material through the lymphatic system. The treatment works with enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive.

Suitable for all skin types and concerns

**NOTE: This treatment is NOT recommended if you have claustrophobia.

DMK Muscle Banding


Regain and retain a youthful look and prevent rapid aging.

Your face contains 57 muscles. The neck contains a large muscle, called the platysma muscle, which extends around the front of the neck and beneath the chin. The purpose of DMK muscle banding is to strengthen and tighten those muscles. Naturally, with age and lack of exercise, these muscles weekend to cost sagging skin and loss of firmness. Muscle banding works by sending signals to contract the muscles of the face and neck. Muscle banding is the lifting weights of the gym to strengthen in town the muscles of the body. Lifting weights causes the muscle to contract which increases blood circulation, builds stronger, firmer muscle tissue.

What that means for you is a tighter, firmer skin and healthy glowing complexion without sagging jowls. Tighter skin also means that wrinkles, creases or fine lines will be greatly reduced, leaving a smoother texture behind.

Suitable for 40+ years with loss of elasticity.

(90 min)