Simple pleasures

can make your week,

not just day.

Simple pleasures

can make your week,

not just day.

treatment add on's



Would you like extractions included, or if you feel you just need more time spent on extractions.



Intensive manual exfoliant to brighten, smooth and resurface the skin. The best results are achieved through a series of treatments.

Photo Dynamic Therapy


Red Light Therapy - Scientifically proven to stimulate cellular activity, including the production of collagen. PDT accelerates healing and works synergistically with all treatments for overall better results.

Blue Light Therapy - This treatment works safely and effectively to destroy acne-causing bacteria by targeting oil glands, reducing cytokines and inflammation.

Stand alone Series of 5 for $150

woman getting facial with multiple modalities

Nano Infusion Add-on


Achieve optimal absorption of active ingredients (Stem Cells, Niacinamide B3, Glutathione, or Growth Factors) into the outermost layers of the skin through microscopic channels. See also Nano Infusion Facial

Dermaplaning Add-on


An exfoliating procedure to remove dead skin build-up and "peach fuzz" hair.

Oxygen Peptide Infusion


This anti-aging, cooling, calming and moisturizing O2 infusion saturates the skin with atomized ingredients of aloe, hyaluronic acid, rose water and peptides.

"Baby Feet"


All skin can benefit from a little TLC! This peel dissolves and sloughs off callous thickened skin and is applied as a 15 min leave on mask during facial services. Don't forget to treat your Feet!